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Upcoming Elections

Executive and SSMU Representative Elections
Nomination Period: January 13th - Friday January 27th
Nominations Deadline(Regular): Friday January 27thth at 5pm
Nominations Deadline (Positions with one or no candidate): Tuesday January 31th
Candidates Meeting: Tuesday January 31th (Room TBA)
Campaign Period: Wednesday February 1st - Tuesday 7th
Candidates’ Debate: Thursday February 2nd at 6PM at the EUS Common Room
Voting Period: Wednesday February 8th - Friday February 10th at 5pm
Announcement of Results: Friday February 10th

VP Finance Selection
Application Period: Monday January 30th - Friday February 10th
Selection Meeting: Friday February 17th

Departmental Elections
Nomination Period: Friday January 27th - Friday February 10th (extension to Tuesday February 14th at 5pm for positions with one or less candidates)
Nominations Deadline(Regular): Friday February 10th at 5pm
Extended Nominations Deadline: Tuesday February 12th at 5pm
Candidates Meeting: Tuesday February 14th at 5:30pm, room TBA
Campaign Period: Wednesday February 15th -Tuesday February 21st
Candidates’ Debate: Discretion left to DRO
Voting Period: Wednesday February 22nd - Friday February 24th
Announcement of Results: Friday February 24th

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Current Elections

Elections currently open for voting:
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Previous Elections

Closed elections to view results for:
*Actual* 2017-2018 CMEUS Elections
MEUS Election 2017
2017-2018 MAME Student Council Election
CEUS 2017 Election
Bioengineering Executive Election 2017-2018
ChESS Executive Election 2017-18
ECSESS Elections 2017-2018 (SE)
ECSESS Elections 2017-2018 (CE)
ECSESS Elections 2017-2018 (EE)
EUS Executive Committee 2017-2018 Election
Fall 2016 Mining Co-Op Referendum
SSMU Representative By-Election
2016-17 MAME Council Election
ASA 2016-2017 Election
CEUS Elections
ECSESS Computer Engineering 2016-2017
ECSESS Software Engineering 2016-2017
CMEUS Elections
ECSESS Electrical Engineering 2016-2017
ECSESS Undeclared 2016-2017
MEUS Elections
ChESS Elections
EUS Elections 2016
EUS Fall 2015 Referendum
CMEUS Elections 2015-16
MEUS 2015/2016 Council Elections
ChESS Elections 2015
EUS Referendum and SSMU Rep By-Election
CEUS Elections 2015
MAME Elections 2015-2016
ECSESS Electrical Engineering 2015-2016
ASA Council Elections 2015-2016
ECSESS Computer Engineering 2015-2016
ECSESS Software Engineering 2015-2016
ECSESS Undeclared 2015-2016
EUS Elections 2015
2014-2015 ASA Class Representatives
CEUS Elections 2014
MESS Council 2014-2015
CMEUS and EUS Referendum
Engineering Student Space Fund (Opt-Outable Fee)
EUS Referendum 2014
ECSESS Undeclared 2014-2015
ECSESS Computer 2014-2015
ECSESS Software 2014-2015
ECSESS Electrical 2014-2015
MEUS 2014/2015 Council Elections
ChESS Elections 2014
EUS Referendum 2014
2014 MAME Election
ASA Council Elections 2014-2015
EUS Elections 2014
MESS Referendum 2014
MUSA Referendum 2013-2014
CSUS Elections
ASA Council Elections 2013-2014
MESS Council 2013/2014
Mech Eng. Elections 2013
CEUS Elections 2013
ECSESS Elections 2013-2014
CSChE Election 2013
MEUS Council Elections